Cheap cars in the insurance for novice drivers: How to save

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Theory lesson, driving lessons, examination fees: The driving license is associated with considerable costs. The greater the pleasure, if the exam is passed.

Often, however, the joy gets a damper when it comes to the first own car: The car insurance is expensive for novice drivers due to the lack of driving experience.

In the following article you will learn how drivers can save new insurance and how novice drivers find cars that are cheap in the insurance.

Table of Contents

  • Why is it hard to find cheap cars in insurance and tax for novice drivers?

  • How can novice drivers save on car insurance?

  • Which cars are cheap in the insurance for novice drivers?

  • Is auto leasing worthwhile with insurance for novice drivers?

  • Conclusion

You should know these terms

General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV) Umbrella organization of private insurance companies in Germany.
lessee Rents a car to the lessor for a contracted period and pays monthly lease payments.
lessor Provides the lessee with a car for a monthly fee that remains in his possession.

Why is it hard to find cheap cars in insurance and tax for novice drivers?

New drivers pay the highest contributions in motor insurance. This is because they have an increased accident risk in road traffic due to the low driving experience. According to road traffic accident statistics of the Federal Statistical Office, 18 to 24-year-old road users are significantly more likely to be involved in traffic accidents than those of other age groups.

When calculating the contribution amount, the insurers take into account the individual risk of damage of each motorist, which corresponds to the division into so-called damage – free classes (SF classes). As a novice driver, you generally receive the non-damage class 0. The classification into SF classes is based on the following principle: with each additional year in which you were traveling accident-free, you climb one step. At the same time the insurance contribution decreases. Each claim-free class is assigned a certain percentage that determines the amount of the contribution. The percentages may vary in contrast to the uniformly-defined SF classes. This may result in different insurance contributions with different providers for the same claim-free class.

Important: The damage-free discount only affects the motor vehicle liability insurance and, if applicable, the comprehensive insurance. A possible partial comprehensive insurance remains unaffected by the discount; It is equally expensive for novice drivers and experienced drivers.

In addition to the SF class of novice drivers, the amount of the basic bonus is also important. This is influenced among other things by the following factors:

  • Type class: Classification of the vehicles on the basis of the damage and accident balance of the respective vehicle model
  • Regional class: classification of vehicles on the basis of the registration area (the probability of damage varies between regions)
  • Individual risk profile: for example, depending on age, marital status, occupation

In particular, the type class contributes a lot to the fact that it is difficult to find cars with favorable insurance for novice drivers. More on that later. In the total cost of a car and the annual motor vehicle tax is to be observed. It depends on the size of the cubic capacity and the emission of carbon dioxide. The following applies: Environmentally friendly cars are favored for tax purposes . If novice drivers choose an older car or a diesel as their first own car, the vehicle tax is correspondingly high.

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Drivers who are unsure about which car suits their tight budget should not choose diesel. Cheaper is the vehicle tax for a gasoline engine.

How can novice drivers save on car insurance?

Even as a novice driver, you can save on car insurance. However, for some measures, you need the favor of your parents or other people:

Second car policy

Ask your parents to insure the car you are using as a second car and register you as a driver. Most insurance companies classify the second car in SF class ½ , some even in a higher class. Another advantage is that parents usually have better actuarial values ​​because they own, for example, homeownership. Based on this, many insurance companies offer further discounts that lower the contribution. If you have been driving for a few years without damage, you can insure the car in your name and take over the claim-free class.


If you cause an accident with the second car, the damage-free class of the first-class car does not deteriorate. A downgrading is only for the second car.

Gather practical experience with accompanied driving

If you take part in the “Accompanied Driving” program and you already have a driver’s license at the age of 17, you can also save on the insurance. The reason: driver newcomers who are driving for the first year cause fewer accidents, according to statistics . According to a sample of the consumer portal Finanztip, you pay an average of 31 percent less for motor insurance for the first year.

Take damage-free classes

It is even possible to take SF classes from relatives and life partners – but this depends on the insurer. The original policyholder loses the right to his former SF class in the transfer. For this reason, the transfer of non-payment classes only makes sense if the percentages are no longer needed, for example, if the grandparents give up driving or no second vehicle is needed anymore. Important: The transfer of the damage-free years is capped. You can only take over as many years as you already own your driver’s license.

Telematics rates

Even with telematics tariffs, you can save on your insurance. These fares reward predictive and prudent driving with favorable conditions. The prerequisite: You must have your driving behavior checked and forward the relevant data to your insurer. How exactly does this work? Parameters such as speed, braking, acceleration and steering behavior are recorded via a smartphone app or a box installed in the car and evaluated using a score system. The more prudent you drive, the better the score and the more you can save on car insurance.


CosmosDirekt offers with BetterDrive a telematics rate, which is aimed at young drivers up to 28 years.

Select car with low type class

Vehicles are classified into different type classes on the basis of their damage and accident balance. The basis for this classification is an annual loss statistics. The more frequently a vehicle type is involved in accidents, the higher the type class and the more expensive the insurance. Since novice drivers are statistically more involved in accidents, one finds car models that are particularly popular with new drivers, mostly in the high type classes. In contrast, popular cars are mostly classified in the type category of retirees.

Which cars are cheap in the insurance for novice drivers?

Wondering which car is the first car in question? To save on insurance and vehicle taxes, you should look for the following vehicle models:

  • environmentally friendly cars
  • Cars with low type class

How to determine the type class of cars?

The type class index covers the vehicle types on the market with the associated data and supplements this information with the respective type classes for motor liability insurance, comprehensive insurance and partial comprehensive insurance. If you would like to know which cars make low-cost insurance for novice drivers possible, you can find the type classes online at the General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV). For this you need the following information from the registration certificates Part I and II (formerly vehicle registration and letter):

  • Key number of the manufacturer (HSN)
  • Key number of the vehicle type (TSN)

If you do not have the key figures at hand, it is possible to determine the type class by manufacturer, sales name, performance and displacement.


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The division into the following classes:

Car insurance
type classes Number of type classes
Automobile liability insurance 10 – 25 16
Comprehensive insurance 10 – 34 25
CDW 10 – 33 24


The type class can be determined with the type class directory of the GDV.

How does a change in the type class classification affect?

With the annual adaptation of the classes as of October 1, vehicles can be upgraded or downgraded by several type categories . As a rule, existing insurance contracts are adjusted to the new type classes as of 1 January of the following year.


Even if you decide to buy a low-priced first-class, it is advisable to follow the annual adjustments. This allows you to compare offers from different insurance providers and change them in good time. Because: If your insurance due to the new type class rating more expensive, you have an extraordinary right of termination and can also cancel your car insurance regardless of the deadline 30 November.

Is auto leasing worthwhile with insurance for novice drivers?

Leasing may seem attractive to novice drivers: you get a nice new car for comparatively low monthly installments. Depending on the lease, however, additional costs are added, the leasing special payments. They are due if, for example, more than the contractually agreed mileage is driven within the contract period or the car does not have the previously agreed residual value after the contract period. Just the latter can be expensive for novice drivers: even several minor damage quickly reduce the value of the car considerably ; and just such occur with license newcomers without driving practice purely statistically frequent.

Nevertheless, if you opt for a leasing car, it should be noted that as lessee you must have repair work and inspection appointments carried out in certain authorized repair shops. As a rule, these are more expensive than free workshops. Hidden costs include insurance costs. Comprehensive insurance is usually mandatory . This is associated with higher insurance contributions. Although some leasing companies offer car leasing with insurance, for novice drivers this is usually no more worthwhile than for experienced drivers. If you want to lease, compare the service offers of different lessors including insurance exactly. Include the above-mentioned savings options.


Driving license is an important step towards independence. However, responsibility and costs are added to the newly gained mobility. Many novice drivers underestimate the running costs: Due to the low driving experience and the higher accident risk of driving license newcomers, these are particularly noticeable in the form of expensive insurance rates.

However, there are ways in which you can reduce these costs for car insurance, such as a second car insurance, telematics tariffs or careful choice of the vehicle. For example, if you decide to buy a car with a low type , you can save a lot on the insurance. Since the type class is determined by the loss statistics, you should choose a car that has a low type class and is rarely involved in accidents. However, the basic conditions must be considered not only when buying a car, but also when leasing. Due to the additional contractual obligations – for example, expensive inspections and repairs at authorized repair shops – beginner drivers should not discourage this.