Car bounces against tree: Two men die

In a traffic accident in Emsland on Wednesday evening two men were killed. Police said the Werlte car had strayed off a straight country lane and crashed into a tree. According to the police, the 43-year-old passenger was thrown out of the car through the windshield and was probably about to die. The 37-year-old driver had died at the scene of the accident despite having received fast medical care. Both were not strapped according to police. It looks as though the car has gradually strayed from the lane and then crashed into a tree unrestrained, a police spokeswoman said Thursday morning.

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Two dead after accident near Werlte


NDR 1 Lower Saxony | Regional Osnabrück 

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Two dead after accident near Werlte


Near Werlte, two people lost their lives during the night of Thursday. Her vehicle crashed into a tree. The people succumbed to their injuries. Video (00:24 min)

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