How to extend the life of your car with three easy steps


How to extend the life of your car with three easy steps

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Driving, maintenance and cleaning will make your vehicle like new for many years

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When buying a new car, the intention of many drivers is to last as many years as possible . It is not difficult for our car to overcome the barrier of 10 years, but everything will depend on the kilometers we make, and, above all, on its care.

Many users already know that maintenance is key to an optimal state of the vehicle, but what we can do goes much further than constantly attending the workshop. Although the mechanic has told us that our vehicle is in good condition, it is important to adopt responsible behavior at the wheel so that the health of our car is not impaired. This means that good care also goes through our driving habits .

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 Constant maintenance is the best remedy against the most expensive faults (DuxX / Getty)

Another factor that we must take into account is the age of the vehicle. It is clear that an older vehicle will need more detailed attention, but we should not be too confused if we have a new car, since everything depends on how we have it since the first days, it will last us more or less.

These are some key tips that we must keep in mind so that our car lasts for many years.

1. Be patient (and do not go in a hurry)

The first rabbit for our car to respond for many years is to be patient . We explain: a vehicle can be compared to the body of a person. When we go to play sports, we usually warm up the muscles before getting down to work to avoid injuries. With the car the same thing happens: if we force the vehicle in cold, the pieces will be harmed by having to perform at a rate for which they are not ready.

 Take advantage of the time when you heat the engine to get a good seat belt (spyderskidoo / Getty)

That is why many experts recommend heating the engine before starting . This means starting the car, and waiting for about a minute with the engine at idle. To make the most of the time, start the vehicle at the time of entering the car, and use the minute of warm-up to properly put on your seatbelt, tune in to the radio, or finish taking out the credit card for the trip .

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Once we have warmed up the engine during these seconds, it does not mean that the car is prepared to run at 120 km / h for a highway (and, although it can do it, it does not mean that it is good). Start by driving gently so that, little by little, the oil takes the proper temperature. Do you know what is the best remedy? Avoid leaving home in a hurry.

2. Do not get distracted by maintenance

Maintaining a vehicle is not cheap, but it is not easy either if we do not know what are the elements that we must keep in mind so that everything is rolled, that is, the parts that must be maintained.

The trick to save would be to frequent the workshop a lot . Although it is a contradiction, the truth is that prevention is better than cure. It will cost you much less a maintenance and revision bill, than the change of a broken timing belt, for example, one of the most expensive invoices of any workshop.

 The revision and change of tires at the moment you touch will avoid many headaches (Malkovstock / Getty)

It is true that, if your car is only a few years old, you can afford to go to the workshop less, but go to it in case of any anomaly. If, on the contrary, you have an old car, the best thing is that both you and a professional have exhaustive control of the changes and breakdowns that your vehicle may have suffered.

Some of the elements that every driver must consider are to look at the oil level and change it, at least, once a year; or constantly check the tire pressure level, and carry the one indicated by the manufacturer.

3. It retains its beauty

Although it is said that beauty is on the inside, many drivers are also interested in keeping their vehicle looking beautiful .

 Caring for the body is key to keeping the car looking new (hedgehog94 / Getty)

Luckily, this fact depends, to a large extent, on ourselves. So to achieve it, only a little willpower is necessary. First, clean it outside and inside whenever you can to keep it looking fresh.

Second: lead him with responsibility. Do not risk with very narrow steps, or do not get into situations that may end up affecting the body.

If your driving skills are not the best, avoid parking next to the columns

If your driving skills are not the best, avoid parking next to the columns (PeopleImages / Getty)

It is also important that you choose the places where you will park with a cure. If you have the option to store your car in a garage, do it. If not, try to park somewhere where there is no risk of you being hit, as in larger sites or in the empty part of a parking lot.

If you are especially careful with these aspects, it is best to get a good insurance. Analyze well the different policies of the market.