Stade: Suspected car thieves fail escape

Three suspected car thieves have delivered a chase with the police in Stade during the night of Thursday, as NDR 1 Niedersachsen reports. According to the officials drove a car shortly after midnight conspicuously fast through a residential area. As the patrol followed the vehicle, the driver again increased the pace and drove up to 150 kilometers per hour towards the city center. There, the car bounced against several bollards before it hit a bridge wall. In the stolen car, the police found stolen license plates. The driver was also under the influence of drugs and has no driver’s license. He was provisionally arrested. Two other occupants of the escape vehicle escaped unrecognized in an adjacent forest.

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Hildesheim: 14-year-old flees cars in front of police

A 14-year-old drove through Hildesheim with his mother’s car. When the police tried to stop him, he fled downtown and caused an accident. (30.10.2018) more


NDR 1 Lower Saxony | Regional Lüneburg 

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