The City Council takes back to auction the official car of the former mayor


The City Council takes back to auction the official car of the former mayor

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The City of Aranjuez has taken this Tuesday back to auction the official vehicle of the former mayor of the town, Jesus Dionisio, which cost the municipal arms 60,000 euros .

The car can be acquired by a public auction system with a starting price of 9,810 euros. As of today, the Peugeot 607 3.0 V6 Pack Titanium Automatic, with 1430-DLB plate, will remain exposed in the Plaza de la Constitución. It is a 216 hp vehicle, registered in 2005, with sequential automatic box, 6 cylinders, power steering, six speeds and variable damping system.

The first auction was held last August, with a starting price of 24,000 euros, but it was deserted, so the municipal government has been forced to lower the initial amount, with the previous technical estimate. Interested parties may present their offers at the premises of the City on 79 Stuart Street, during business hours, within a period of fifteen calendar days from the publication of the announcement of the tender in the Official Bulletin of the Community of Madrid .

Once the maintenance, insurance and fuel costs of this official car were eliminated, the City Council is now trying to recover at least part of the 60,000 euros it cost, “while the city saw a debt increase that reached 175 million euros last May. euros (29,000 million pesetas), four times the annual budget of the City Council, the highest debt per inhabitant of the similar municipalities of the Community of Madrid, “said the municipal executive.

This official car was acquired in 2005, in renting system, for 43,340 euros and for a period of four years, after which, in 2009, it proceeded to pay another 15,985 euros for its final purchase, “without the previous municipal government socialist notice that this expense was not budgeted in the accounts of that year, so it had to make an extraordinary credit transfer to cover that amount, “the City Council has indicated.

Among the extras included in the car are a frequency inhibitor, intended for the mayor’s safety against hypothetical bombings, which added 7,000 euros to the bill, and a anti-radar system, with a cost of 1,500 euros, “with which, Apparently, the former mayor tried to circumvent the speed controls on the road, “he added.

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From the beginning the new mayor, María José Martínez de la Fuente, announced that she was giving up that vehicle. “I consider it a symbol of waste, mismanagement of public money, and the delusions of grandeur of a mayor in my opinion irresponsible, concerned about appearances and their personal well-being and that of their friends,” said Martinez.

He already advanced his decision in his inauguration as mayor. “I consider it inappropriate in times of crisis for the Mayor of Aranjuez to use a 60,000-euro vehicle for her travels, I will not get into that car, it will be auctioned off immediately and I will use a fuel-efficient vehicle with tight insurance, and I’m sure that my activity will not suffer for it, I believe that those who exercise public representation should set an example, and that is what I intend to do, “he said.

The City Council has indicated that since the new councilor takes office, he makes most of his trips on foot, by private vehicle or by bus “and, only exceptionally, and when he does it strictly for institutional activities, he uses an official vehicle of low consumption, of the so-called hybrids, whose cost for the municipal coffers is limited to scarce fuel, since it has not involved any expenditure of acquisition “.

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