Finance your VAE with the CPF

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VAE is eligible for CPF,” he confirms. Director of Operations within the Demos training group, Sylvestre Perrault was naturally interested in the new Personal Training Account, which since January 5, 2015 has replaced DIF. “When the Vocational Training Act put in place the CPF, it identified eligible courses that led to a certification or diploma. Now, VAE’s characteristic is to “validate the gains of experience” by leading to a degree precisely. We can therefore use the CPF, at least in part. “


Accompany part of the VAE

“You have to know that VAE goes in several phases, says Valérie Michelet, a lawyer at Center Inffo. What the CPF can take care of is the accompaniment. Moreover it is the same text that created the CPF and defined the accompaniment VAE. This specialist cites the classic case of the executives of a house engineer, who has acquired expertise and displays, after fifteen years of experience, skills without necessarily having the diploma. “In the context of a VAE, it is necessary to provide a first long enough period just for the admissibility of the booklet 1.” Concretely, this step leads to the official admissibility of a request for VAE from the certifying body. A very complete file is required of the candidate. ” Accompaniment is a decisive phase that can help you understand what you are doing and find what could correspond to the diploma framework you want to validate . It’s more than an interview, we’ll give you some work to do to make sure you’re on the right track. “

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Find a provider on his personal interface

Interested candidates will be able to go to the address to create or consult their account. To open it, simply bring your Social Security number and a valid email address. The CPF hours do not have to be entered by the interested parties: since 2016, they are normally transcribed automatically according to the information given by the employers. Similarly, must also appear on the interface the balance of hours of the old DIF not consumed. “So we can go on its interface, type” VAE “and identify a provider before consulting its OPCA, that is to say, its approved joint collection body, adds Sylvestre Perrault. This preliminary phase is essential, otherwise the person concerned runs the risk of engaging in a course that does not suit him. However, statistically, there are already many dropouts. “

It would be a shame not to inquire. “The CPF is an individual approach that can be done independently without warning his employer, insists Valérie Michelet. In addition, just have a few hours on his account to get started. The system provides 24 hours a year for the first five years, then 12 hours for the following years, up to a limit of 150. “But if a candidate needs more hours, there are also possibilities of matching. He can often get 24 hours more. “